Bring Joy To Your Family by Celebrating with Christmas Music!

Create Connections and Traditions Around
our Carols!

30 Days of Christmas

Join us in the FREE 30 Day Christmas Celebration!
We make understanding music easy and fun!

In this free 30 Days of Christmas, you’ll have family fun as you:

  • connect with your child by talking over the interactive questions and sharing ideas.

  • enjoy the Christmas music you hear in a deeper way.

  • become partners in learning – no better way to build curiosity and confidence in your child!
  • give the gift of music in a supportive environment whether you have musical experience or not.

  • now have an enjoyable hobby to do together!

As you decode the mysteries of music, you’re building deeper connections with your family.

Music is no longer just for the child to learn.… music is for the family!

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